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Athena - Touch ScreenAthena - Touch Screen
Aton Max - Touch Screen!Aton Max - Touch Screen!
Aton with Touch ScreenAton with Touch Screen
HeraThe Ten Medical Grade Red Light Therapy Device
Red Light BeltRed Light Belt
Best Stand for Aton and Zone DeviceStand for Aton
Helios MyAtapa Red Light Therapy DeviceHelios Red Light Therapy Device
Best Mobile stand Best Mobile stand

Our Customer

I first heard of red light therapy at a gym I was going to. I got my own device and I honestly can't say enough about it. It is the best part of my day and since using atapa I feel more like myself.

- Marlene W. Gordon

I cant imagine not having my device anymore. I use it for everything. Skin care, recovery from weightlifting, I am obsessed! 

- Maria S.

I use it every day, I love it.

- Jake Morow

Looked all over for the right device, i'm glad that I could find a device that didn't cost a fortune.

- Mike Colt

I bought it for my skin and didn't know how many other benefits it had! very pleased

- Jamie Pollack

I wish I got a larger device but my zone will do for now. Works very well, great power. 

- Peter kozykowski

My whole family loves it, including the kids. 

- Jared Ivan Wall

Perfect size for travel, works very well. Saving up for larger device. 

- Ivan Hubbard

Have my new device set up in the gym, It's my new favorite pre workout. 

- Kyle Bennet

Seeing great result from workouts with light. Leaning out more, device shipped fast. 

- Greg Singer 

I use it 10 minutes every morning. My eyes feel really clear. 

- Marissa Loney

Device shipped fast, great customer service. I love it 

- Ian Larsson 

I use it every night before sleep, it is very calming.  

- Kelly Holten

The gym members and clients love it. Great for winter blues. 

- Lin 

My acne scars are almost gone. Will keep using.

- Faith Martin

My brother is really sick and it is helping him heal much faster. 

- Brenda Marcinto