Why choose ATaPa?


Why choose ATaPa?

Photobiomodulation or LLLT is becoming more popular and for good reason. The clinically proven benefits of red light therapy are truly life changing and provide a non-invasive approach with virtually zero side effects. This is big news for people suffering from chronic conditions, pain, low energy, and symptoms that vary from mild to severe. Red light therapy is becoming the popular choice to treat a multitude of symptoms and it seems like we haven't even scratched the surface.


With a few different options to choose from, obtaining a red light therapy device isn’t very difficult. But, how do you choose the right one? What should you look for in a device before you make your first purchase?


Here are a few things to consider:

  • Irradiance
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Coverage


Irradiance refers to the power of your device, the lower the power, the higher the treatment time. The higher your devices irradiance, the lower your treatment time. For convenience sake, you will want a device that gives you an effective treatment in a shorter amount of time. Some of the devices on the market these days have a lower power output, meaning, you can find yourself sitting in front of your device for over 30 minutes. Not only is this inconvenient, but that also tells you that the quality of LEDs your device is equipped with is pretty low.


The power of your device is measured in mW/cm2. Other popular devices do a good job claiming that they provide “medical grade irradiance” but still fall short in comparison with ATaPA. The leading provider in sales for red light therapy produces 100mW/cm2, while ATaPa produces 110+mW/cm2. What this means for you is a lower treatment time and you don't need to be so close to your device to get the associated benefits. This is not only more convenient, but more effective and efficient as well.


When it comes to the quality of our red light therapy device, ATaPa’s devices are laboratory tested and have passed all standards with EMF safety, RoHS, and CE testing for health/safety/environmental protection standards. Our manufacture also offers a 2 year warranty and 50,000 hour lifespan. They also come equipped with a built in timer for setting treatment times, and cooling vents/fans to ensure that your device does not produce any unnecessary heat.


Cost is another thing to consider when purchasing your first red light therapy device, and it's no secret that some of these devices can get pretty expensive. ATaPA is the leading brand to choose from in terms of providing medical grade power the best price. ATaPa is on average 35% less expensive than the leading provider of red light therapy, making it more accessible for a greater amount of people. Our belief is that the future of health begins with LIGHT and we want everyone to experience the benefits.


The wavelengths of your device are another important piece of what makes your device effective. The standard for most red light therapy devices is a 50/50 combo of red light at 660nm and near infrared light at 850nm. This combo has proven to be the most clinically effective wavelengths of light and you will find this standard combo with all of our ATaPa devices.


The last thing to consider when getting your first device is coverage. The larger the device the better because it allows you the opportunity to do full-body treatments. The benefit of a smaller panel is that it still provides all the benefits that a larger one would but with less surface area. This means if you wanted to do full body treatments you would have to move the panel around in order to reach every area of your body. Having a larger device with a stand or mount allows you a dedicated space for your treatments, while the smaller panel enables you to travel with it very easily within your suitcase.


In summary, ATaPa gives you all the great benefits associated with red light therapy in a high quality and safe device while saving you an average of 35% when it comes to cost comparison with more popular brands. This makes ATaPA the easy choice and why so many people are now able to enjoy the extensive list of benefits.


Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to our team at info@myatapa.com and we would love to help out anyway we can.


Light the way, with ATaPa.