Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Affiliate and Affiliate and/or Alliance Party Terms andConditions

LatestUpdate: 2/17/2022

NOTE:These terms and conditions (“Terms”) are subject to amendment at any time. Please check this site regularly to ensureyou have the latest Terms. In the eventof a significant change in these Terms, we will email you at the email addressyou have on file with us.

Toregister as an Affiliate or an Affiliate from the affiliate page on Once you registration is complete, you willreceive a phone call or email and once agreed upon in writing to work togetheryou will receive an Affiliate Code.

Asan Affiliate and/or Alliance Party, you agree to refer your customers to ourwebsite to purchase the products that we offer.

We willagree in writing the % of sale amount you will receive before you receive acode.

You willreceive a monthly commission from the Net Sales from purchases using yourAffiliate Code for that specific month and, in the case of referring purchases,such commission shall continue for one year beginning at the first purchase bysuch customer. No commission paymentswill be made to Affiliate and/or Alliance Party for any customer beyond thefirst year. “Net sales” is calculated astotal wholesale sales less any discounts and less cost of shipping. Affiliateand/or Alliance Party payment will be reduced for any fraudulent orders,returns, refunds and charge-backs. Nocommissions are paid on sales that do not use your Affiliate Code.

Your commission shall be earned, due, and payable when thesale is closed, funds are received by us and product is received by thecustomer. The proceeds of the saleshall be the sole source of commission.  


If you and the company agree to provide you with a device(s),you are responsible for that device(s) and agree to pay the amount of the saleprice listed on if that device(s) is/are damaged in anyway duringthe time, you are in possession of the device(s). The company reserves theright to request you return the device at your cost within 10 business days of awritten request. If the device is not returned you agree to pay the cost of thedevice(s) as listed on

Commissions are paid before by the end of the succeeding month for which the saleproceeds were received by the Company and product was received by the customer. 

You are an independent contractor. There are no withholdingsfor federal, state and local taxes, FICA, and other withholdings required byapplicable law.

Youmay not make any representation or warranty (expressed or implied) regarding ourproducts.

YourAffiliate Code shall be valid for one year unless terminated earlier. Your Affiliate Code may be terminated, in theCompany’s sole discretion, if you breach these Terms or otherwise act in a waywhich may negatively impact the name or reputation of the Company.