Benefits backed by science

     There is a vast mountain of research concluding the benefits of red light therapy. Over 5,000 clinical studies have been published resulting in its long list of proven benefits. 

     A 2013 study on light therapy conducted by Harvard researchers showed high regard for light therapy thanks to its “noninvasive nature and almost complete absence of side effects.”

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Who uses red light therapy?

Trusted doctors

Thanks to the large database of research surrounding red light therapy and its unending benefits and safety, some of the worlds top doctors and medical researchers recommend its use.

Professional athletes

Professional athletes across all major sports like the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, and institutions like NASA all use red light therapy.

Weekend warriors

Red light therapy offers an affordable medical grade dose of light right at your home. It is used for a wide variety of reasons from people seeking relief from chronic conditions, to those who want to boost their performance, mood, and recovery. Everyone can benefit from red light therapy. 


The biggest difference I can tell so far is with my mind. I feel less brain fog and a lot more clear. Learning is easier and so is handling my emotions. I have one at home and one in the office

- Jared L.

I cant imagine not having my device anymore. I use it for everything. Skin care, recovery from weightlifting, I am obsessed! 

Maria S.

I was first intrigued by the price, and I can honestly say that this is my favorite red light therapy device I own.

Chris M.

I travel a lot and this size model was absolutely perfect! I also like how I am able to have a small device with both red and near infrared light. My skin is glowing.

- Carly L.

Our Promise

At ATaPa, we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality red light therapy devices at a price you cant find anywhere else. There is no other panel that provides the same coverage, power, safety standards, and warranty at a price like ours.  With over 300+ red light therapy devices sold we are quickly becoming the number 1 name in high quality red light therapy devices for both commercial and home use. 

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Why Red Light Therapy?

     Imagine what it would be like to enhance your health on every level with one simple tool? Well, it's possible, and here's how... 

      Did you know that every single cell in your body is engineered to generate energy from infrared light? Without a sufficient amount of infrared lightwaves, the quality and functioning of your cells begins to rapidly decline. This low level of cellular functioning is the root cause of many chronic symptoms and diseases, autoimmune conditions, and even cognitive disorders.

      Many people are suffering from a lack of healthy light and don't even know it. Add that to the fact that we spend over 90% of our day indoors under artificial light connected to our computer and phone screens, it's no wonder why so many people are sick, brain fogged, and low performing. This modern indoor lifestyle is not good for a body that is designed to take in red and infrared light. All sunlight that falls to earth is always 42% infrared, and for good reason, we need it! Luckily, our red light therapy devices give you a medical grade dose of red light in as little as 8 minutes. 

 To put it simply, more red light = more energy (ATP) = greater cellular health.

     It is our mission to offer the most affordable, high quality, medical grade red light therapy devices. We believe that everyone should have greater access to the benefits that come from red light therapy. Scroll down to see how you can save big + FREE shipping on your new device.

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