Optimize Your Health

With red light therapy

Grade Power

2 Year



Creating Health and 
Healing On a Deep Level

With the Most Powerful LED Therapy Light

  • Boost Immunity

  • Enhance Mood

  • Recover Faster

  • Reduce Aging

Scientifically Proven

Over 5,000 clinical studies have been published on red light therapy,
  resulting in its long list of proven benefits.

The Benefits

Enhanced Muscle Recovery
and Performance

Enhanced Mood

Increased Fat Loss

Increased Testosterone

Relieves Joint

Improved Cognitive

Reduced Inflammation

Improved Hair Health
and Skin Complexion

More Energy

Boosts Immune Health

Who Uses Red Light Therapy?

Trusted Doctors

Thanks to the large database of research surrounding red light therapy and it's unending benefits and safety, some of the worlds top doctors and medical researchers recommend it's use.

Professional Athletes

Professional athletes across all major sports like the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, and institutions like NASA all use red light therapy.

Weekend Warriors

Red light therapy offers an affordable medical grade dose of light right at your home. It is used for a wide variety of reasons from people seeking relief from chronic conditions, to those who want to boost their performance, mood, and recovery. Everyone can benefit from red light therapy. 

Red Light Therapy is Used In:

Featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, SHAPE, Women’s Running, Healthline,
The New York Times, UFC, The Joe Rogan Experience, Mercola, Paleo Magazine, 
Mindbodygren, ONNIT, Bulletproof, Huffpost and more.

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People Are Talking

The biggest difference I can tell so far is with my mind. I feel less brain fog and a lot more clear. Learning is easier and so is handling my emotions. I have one at home and one in the office

- Jared L.

I cant imagine not having my device anymore. I use it for everything. Skin care, recovery from weightlifting, I am obsessed! 

Maria S.

I travel a lot and this size model was absolutely perfect! I also like how I am able to have a small device with both red and near infrared light. My skin is glowing.

- Carly L.

Most Powerful
Therapy Light

Most Powerful Therapy Light

ATaPa outperforms it's competitors with greater power yielding faster results. Why spend more money on a device that puts out less power?

Full Body
Light Therapy

Travel Size 
Light Therapy

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Modular Design

We make it easy to build a larger device and connect other units together with our modular design. Our "targeted use" models allow you to easily transition from a target treatment to full-body light therapy.

Modular means that you can start out with one of our smaller models such as the "Athena", and then build out a larger full-body system over time to get more power and faster results.

What to know more about our modular set up and how to customize the perfect system for your needs? Check out "targeted use" collection.

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