3 Week Fat Loss Challenge Program - EBook - A $350 Value

3 Week Fat Loss Challenge Program - EBook - A $350 Value

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What’s Included in the 3 Week Red LIght Fat Loss Challenge Program?

 Are you ready for the 3 week Red Light Fat Loss Challenge Program?

  • 7 Secret tips to using Red Light for Fat Loss in the convenience of your own home.
  • Directions on how to effectively use Red Light. Red Light is an easy, non-invasive and convenient addition to your Fat loss regime. The treatments must be implemented correctly for maximum results. Learn how to lose Fat in just 8-10 min every other day.
  • the ״ Illuminating Fat Loss: The Power of Red Light Therapy” book for free, a value of $30. Inside you will find easy to understand explanations of how Red Light helps reduce the body gain energy naturally, increase metabolism and reduce fat! Also, how often and how long to use Red Light every session.
  • Email reminders helping you use Red Light every other day. Each email will include secret tips just for you on how to use Red Light and measure your progress.
  • Discount code for purchasing a Red Light device for Fat Loss.
  • Choose the correct Red Light device, inside are clear guidelines on choosing the correct Red Light device for your needs.
  • Understanding Red Light: To fully appreciate the effects of Red Light you will also receive easy non technical guidelines (plain English) to understanding Red Light.
  • BONUS Article on the benefits of Red Light, Fat Loss and Sleep…
The ATaPa 3 Week Challenge Programs are based on published studies and clinical trials. Proper use of the device throughout the treatment is essential. Results may vary per person.
Look Your Best
Save Money
No Surgery
Burn Calories
Shine the Light

Full Body Red Light - a Fat Loss Miracle


I love my Full Body Red Light for Fat Loss. I can almost actually feel my body tingling as it is melting the fat away. I highly recommend Red Light to anybody looking to lose fat and feel healthier.

Katherine M.

I am so happy with the results since using Red Light for losing fat on my body. I feel trimmer, look thinner and cannot believe how easy it is. Using Red Light has become a habit I never miss.

Jacky D.

Thanks to the 3 Week Fat Loss Challenge Program my life has changed doing one simple thing. Nothing ever worked for me before, I could never keep to a diet and I dreaded the thought of surgery. However using red light has made my body trimmer, made feel better and helped me lead a healthier lifestyle

Michael D.