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This device is modular.

Product qualities: Medical grade red light therapy 

This medical grade red light therapy device is the perfect addition to any home or office. Aside from being our best seller, it is also our largest modular unit. Stack it with any other modular device for full-body light therapy!

1 X Power cord
1 X Goggles
1 X User Manual
1 X Steel cable
1 X Door hanging hook
1 X Adjustable height pulley system 


Size: 36.5x9.5x2.5in

LEDs: 180

Wavelengths: 50% 660nm (red), 50% 850nm (near infrared)

Irradiance: >100mw/cm2 @ distances greater than 6 inches

Dual Light: Dual switches, one for 660nm (Red) and 850nm (NIR). Use "red" or  "NIR" alone or both at the same time! 

Lifespan: 50,000+ hours

Warranty: 2 year warranty

Compatible with all worldwide voltages. 

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