We've all got it, some more than others. One thing is for sure, most of us wouldn't be upset about losing those few extra pounds we carry. Losing weight and fat is one of the most common health goals, both for medical and cosmetic reasons.

   In some studies red light therapy has been shown to almost double fat loss results. If you're not familiar with red light therapy, click the button below for a comprehensive guide on the mechanisms behind what makes it so successful. For now, lets take a look at why red light therapy is such an effective tool for burning fat. 

Wash the fat away

     The most popular theory among researchers is that the way red light works is by causing the fat cells to release their stored fat into the blood stream, where it can then be burned off during energy expenditure or via exercise.

     Researchers also believe red light therapy affects adipocytes, which are cells that store fat, causing the lipids to disperse. In other words, light therapy helps the body wash away fat cells. [1]

     In studies, near- infrared and red light therapy have helped shave an entire 3.5 to 5.17 inches off waist and hip circumference by reducing the fat mass layer in just four weeks of use. [2]

Double the fat loss

     In another study of 86 individuals using red light therapy at 635 nm for 20 minutes every other day for two weeks, study participants lost 2.99 inches across all body parts — yes, 3 inches — in just 14 days of red light therapy. [3]

     There is research showing that near-infrared light therapy can dramatically enhance — nearly double — fatloss from exercise, as compared to people doing just the exercise routine without the NIR light therapy.420 In addition, the group using the NIR light therapy in tandem with exercise saw nearly double theimprovements in insulin resistance! [4] [5]

Less Cellulite

 In a 2011 study on red light therapy and cellulite reduction, women ages 25-55 were divided into two groups: some did treadmill exercise + red light therapy twice a week, while the other group just did treadmill exercise. Red light therapy and exercise was proven to be more effective than just exercise alone. The study concluded that treadmill exercise and red light therapy in conjunction can improve body aesthetics. [6]  

Smaller waistline 

A study in the Journal of Obesity Surgery researched red light therapy for body contouring. This 2011 double-blind, randomized study performed light therapy at 635-680 nanometers (nm) on participants for four weeks and recorded effects on the size of their waistline. At the end of the study, participants had achieved a statistically significant reduction in waistline girth. [7]  

Targeted Fat Loss

 A 2018 triple-blind, placebo-controlled trial assessed red light therapy’s effects on people doing endurance training. Researchers found pre-exercise treatment can “decrease the body fat in healthy volunteers when compared to placebo.” [8] Researchers concluded that light therapy can reduce the circumference of the specific areas of the body that are treated with natural light.

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