FIRST 20 will be sold at discount price! ACT NOW!


Will you be one of the first to experience the "on the go" 

benefits of handheld red light therapy?

Introducing... Bolt

The perfect device for when you need a recharge on the go. 

What to expect...

  • Same medical grade power (100+mW/cm2)

  • Switch between red, near-infrared, or both wavelengths

  • Optimal beam angle for targeted use

  • Seamlessly fits inside any bag or or even your pocket

The perfect companion. 

The Bolt offers the same irradiance (light power) output as our other devices, making it the ideal unit for targeted treatments on the go!



Not only is it our most affordable model, but it is also the ONLY model we have that WON'T require connection to an electrical outlet for use.



* Going on vacation? Bring the Bolt with you!

* Need a quick "refresher" or some extra energy before the work day, a big meeting, or date? The Bolt's got you back! Seriously, you do NOT want to miss out on this one time opportunity to bring red light therapy everywhere you go!

We are selling the first 20 in our stock at the discounted price! Act now before it's too late!


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