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4 step to greater health using light

Optimize cellular health and performance using 4 proven steps backed by science.

Why is light important for our health?

Light is one of the most important factors in our health and cellular performance. Without enough sunlight, or, certain aspects of sunlight such as red, infrared, and UV-B light, our health begins to suffer and we become more susceptible to disease or chronic conditions. 


In fact, there is a mountain of new research pointing towards the hazards of artificial light. Getting the wrong type of light at the wrong time is just as bad as putting low grade food into your body. If you want to perform your best, you need the right type of fuel. 

"It’s all about light. Food cannot fix your problem when you don’t get light right." - Dr. Jack Kruse

In the same way that good food can heal you, good LIGHT can heal you as well. In fact, there is a whole field of "light medicine" known as photobiomodulation.  This study of medicine is one of the most well researched forms of therapy that most people have never heard of, containing over 5,000 published studies.

These studies cover everything from autoimmune disorders, cancers, inflammatory diseases, minor aches and injuries, pain, Alzheimers, Parkinson's, cognitive decline of many forms, anxiety, PTSD, depression, muscle fatigue, fat loss, anti-aging effects, eye health, oral health, joint health, muscle strength and performance, fertility, tendonitis, Hashimotos, and hair re-growth. 

Does this sound like something worth learning more about?

"The reason red and infrared light is so important for our health is because it improves mitochondrial function."

Mitochondria, which are known as the powerhouse of the cell produce energy 

for almost every biological function in the body!

In fact, researchers are beginning to conclude that all disease and age related health challenges begin 
with a decrease in the quality of our mitochondria. 

The world's leading mitochondrial DNA researcher, Doug Wallace, PhD, published a review in 2010 of over 250 studies on the impacts of mitochondrial mutation and disease and concluded that, "mitochondrial genetics are driving the modern epidemics of obesity, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer." [1]

Did you know that certain wavelengths of light that can damage our mitochondrial DNA? 

Or that there are certain wavelengths that will actually improve mitochondrial function and cellular performance?

You only ended up on this page because you truly care about your health, which is exactly why we want to give you this free guide that can change your life!

What you will learn in your new FREE GUIDE?

  • The 4 steps to greater health using light
  • The healing power of morning sunlight
  • How to block/protect yourself from artificial light
  • The power + benefits of red light therapy
  • The dark side of artificial light 
  • The 15+ benefits of red and infrared light exposure

It is our mission to empower people with the right information that can help impact their life in a positive way. More than ever before, the importance of taking control of your "light environment" is absolutely necessary in order to make a global shift in health. 

ATaPa, Light the way

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