Red Light - The Soul of Your Studio


When running a Studio, Yoga, Pilates or other, you always need to think what would be mostbeneficial for your students. Red Light Therapy is an excellent, accessible and easy addition.

Running a Business is not an easy job. You need to think of different strategies to always be your best, and above the competition. Your students are always your top priority; their trust that you have their best interest in mind is always the most important. 
For example, yoga is all about relaxing your mind, freeing your body and revealing yourself. It helps you increase your blood circulation, improves your body strength and helps you in thinking clearly. But, getting great results needs time. 

Red light Therapy (RTL) comes in for rescue as an enhancer of these health benefits. RLT helps you get all these benefits faster and easier. It helps you concentrate with its soothing red light and reveal yourself truly.

Red Light Therapy will take your healing to the next level. Red Light Therapy will be the Soul of your studio.Red light therapy – a panacea

Red light therapy is the painless treatment that uses red, low- level wavelengths of light to provide extraordinary health benefits. Dermatologists consider it safe to be rendered to people and people are just getting obsessed with it as they see their skin improving and feel a positive change.
It is known to reduce inflammation in the cells, enhance hair growth, prevent acne and even helps in sleeping. Along with all these benefits, it has no side effects.

Here are some major
health benefits of Red Light Therapy-
1.  Improves the complexion of the skin.
 2. Stimulates collagen production. 
3. Rejuvenates the skin.
4. Removes acne, fine lines, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, etc.
5. Assists in wound healing.
6. Boosts immune and cellular health.
7. Relieves pain in joints and bones.
8. Effective in inflammation and minor burns.
9. Enhances mood and helpful in better sleep
10. Useful in fat loss and many more.

Myatapa red light products, a boon to business

Red light therapy has widened its applications in most of the spheres of business. Due to its numerous benefits it has become mainstream in today’s health and beauty sector. Including red light therapy into business is a good alternative these days. You can easily expand your business and make a large turnover by integrating red light therapy into your business model.
 Myatapa red light products make it even easier for you with the help of its high quality devices for red light therapy. Myatapa devices have unending benefitting features both to the businessman and to the customer. Optimal wavelengths, higher irradiance levels, device safety, flicker free, right amount of coverage and are some of the key features of Myatapa products. 
Adding cost effective devices automatically attracts customers in a way other brands cannot compete. Myatapa red light products are 30% less expensive than leading brands. Thus, Myatapa helps you save money without compromising with the quality. 

Wonders of Myatapa Red Light Products 

Myatapa devices deliver Red (660nm) light and Near Infrared (850nm) light wavelengths. Both these wavelengths are in the natural light spectrum 
Red light is more surface level and improves skin health, collagen production, eye health, etc.
Infrared light penetrates deeper into the body and benefits by enhancing brain and nerve health, joint pain, etc.

Which business can benefit from Myatapa Red Light 

  1. Yoga studios
  2. Pilates classes
  3. Gyms, trainers and triathletes 
  4. Salons 
  5. Spas 
  6. Pain treatment
  7. Hair transplant centers 
  8. Skin care and therapy centers
    And many more.

Red Light Therapy has become a part of various businesses nowadays. It’s large list of benefits with no side effects have led people to use it in their workplace and even at home.

So, if you are a business owner you can expand your practice by having one of your own Red Light Device Set up at your studio.
In no time this product will become the heart and soul of your studio. Your students/customers are going to love them when they will be able to focus and concentrate more than ever. They will feel the power and energy around them. They will be able to feel great results in no time.

Myatapa Red Light Products have been tested by third parties to ensure the safety of their customers. We have a large range of products in different sizes. If you are looking to expand your studio, we can recommend you to go for our premium products like
The Ten or RA.

You can even suggest your students to get one of our smaller devices like
The Athena or The Zone which can have a targeted use on a small area of the body.

We have also launched our new Affiliate program which has a large number of benefits for both Business Owners and Their customers.
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