Red Light On, Muscle Cramps Off

We all have experienced muscle cramps at some point in time, we know the intensity and the trouble it causes us. Red light therapy provides us much relief without any of the side effects.

Red light therapy is a painless hassle-free treatment that uses red wavelengths of light to ease any type of muscle pain. It works by penetrating the skin to spark tissue recovery. People from all fields are gradually discovering its soothing benefits by its regular use.

It is effective in nearly all kinds of muscular cramps. Therefore, you do not need to worry anymore about the odious cramps that hinder your daily activities. Red light therapy makes life much easier for you. It heals and eases your pains fast and with ease.

Besides its healing powers, red light therapy is also much beneficial in building up the strength of an individual. It prevents the muscle from getting tired allowing for more effective training and practices. And yet there are more benefits of red light therapy for you to discover.

What types of cramps does red light therapy treat?

  1. Back-pain
  2. Stiff neck
  3. Sore shoulders
  4. Sprained ankles
  5. Aching thighs
  6. Fatigued legs
  7. Strains in hands
  8. Pain issues in wrist
  9. Muscles surrounding fractures
  10. Headaches, by increasing blood flow to the head
  11. Dental pain and inflammation.
  12. And can ease other serious joint ailments such as arthritis 

How Does Red Light Therapy Work on Muscle Cramps?

Muscle cramps are very common in people of all ages. These cramps can vanish within a week or can even last for years depending on their severity. There could be many reasons for such muscular cramps, but any cramp hurts and disturbs our day-to-day life.

Soothes strained muscles

Red light therapy works on cramps by relaxing the strained muscles and reducing pain. It offers pain relief benefits to anyone with mild to severe cramps. This light penetrates deeper into the body and benefits by enhancing joint and bone health and also reduces stress by enhancing mood.

Boosts immunity

Red light therapy is also proven to be effective in boosting the immunity of an individual. It is a life-saving therapy for immunocompromised people who easily catch autoimmune diseases. Red light therapy prevents such muscular cramps by building up immunity in the body. It prepares the body to fight against such diseases.

Regulates blood flow

During red light therapy, the light penetrates through multiple layers of skin and reaches the muscles. This light provides energy to the cells. On absorption of the energy, they become more active. This increases the blood flow and checks any blockage. Thus, red light reduces pain and helps in rejuvenating cellular energy.

Who are the beneficiaries of red light therapy?

  1. Athletes of any field 
  2. Cyclists and bikers
  3. Gymnasts
  4. Weight lifters
  5. Yoga trainees
  6. Pilates students
  7. Racers
  8. Arthritis and CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

And anyone who is physically involved in an activity or is exposed to injuries that may cause cramps.

Some Athletes that Use Red Light Therapy.

Professional athletes and their trainers across all major sports like the NFL, NHB, MLB, UFC, and institutions like NASA all use red light therapy.

Here are some very eminent names in this field

Jill Kintner

She is a very famous mountain biker. She made the use of red light therapy to heal the knee injury that she suffered and is much satisfied with the results.


Alberto Salazar

He is an American coach promoting red light therapy as helping his group in achieving their best workout.


DeMarcus Lawrence

He is an American football player who added red light therapy into his training routine and loves it.


Similarly, Amelia Boone, Patrick Peterson, Lauren Fendrick, Sarah Ballantyne, and many others are using red light therapy for their faster recovery and improved muscle performance.

The Myatapa Way of Healing Cramps.

Myatapa brings exclusive red light therapy devices. These devices are of high quality and are available at very affordable prices. All these devices come in various shapes and sizes according to the convenience of the customer. But all of them serve their main purpose of healing your body from any muscular cramp accurately and justly.

Myatapa devices deliver two different types of wavelengths for two different functions.

  1. Red (660nm) light is a surface-level light and it functions on the skin tissue by being readily absorbed by it. It improves mainly skin health.
  2. Infrared (850nm) that penetrates deeper into the skin through the multiple layers. It works specifically on areas that are pain-afflicted. Hence, benefits muscular pain, nerve health, joint pain, inflammation, cellular health, and much more.

Besides, specific wavelengths, Myatapa red light devices have innumerable benefits such as higher irradiance, zero flicker rate, the right amount of intensity and coverage at the same time, both safe and effective, etc.

Moreover, Myatapa red light devices have been 3rd party tested by Everfine Corporation.


Muscular cramps whether being mild or severe should be treated at the earliest. Cramps when ignored can lead to serious injuries. Red light therapy has proved to be an effective solution in easing all types of cramps.

No sooner is the red light is on, your muscular cramps turn off. It is a wonderful pain treatment that is available to you right at the comfort of your home. You just need to pick up the best device and start healing your muscular aches. Moreover, If you are an athlete, red light therapy is a must-use therapy for you.

Myatapa red light devices are all dedicated to helping you recover, gain strength, and return to your work as you’ve never left it. Also read how the Red Light Therapy Works