Red Light - A Permanent Immunity Booster


A robust immune system is the need of the hour. In these days of the pandemic, you can boost your immunity to the utmost with the help of Red Light, a permanent immunity booster.

Red Light Therapy is a process where the body is passed through low-level wavelengths of Red Light, enhancing the immunity of an individual. It is safe and clinically proven. It does not have any possible side effects.

Why Is Immunity Important?

Having strong immunity, as we all know, helps our body fight against various diseases. It helps to stimulate the formation of antibodies.

People with solid immunity generally do not have to suffer from immunodeficiency disorders. Besides preventing diseases, it also assists in faster recovery.

A person with good immunity does not get tired quickly and can continuously work for hours. Strong immunity keeps the person happy. It enhances his mood, not letting him fall prey to any kind of depression.

How Red Light Therapy Works On Immunity?

Red light therapy boosts the immunity of an individual. The red light does this by penetrating deep into the skin and cells.

It affects the mitochondria, which is known to be the powerhouse of cells. It increases the energy production within the cell. It increases nitric oxide, an important compound that regulates blood flow and stimulates healing. This is how the body develops strong immunity with the help of red light therapy and fight against numerous diseases.

Myatapa Red Light Therapy Products

Red Light - A permanent Immunity Booster

Myatapa red light therapy products work to optimize the effect of red light therapy on the body. Myatapa has a range of powerful LED lights and devices.

These devices provide two different wavelengths for varied functions.

Red Light (660nm) is a surface-level light that benefits skin health. Infrared light (850nm) penetrates deeper into the skin and cells, primarily responsible for aiding immune health.

In cases of enhancing immune health, red light therapy is taken repeatedly to develop a strong immunity. But you don't need to worry about the risk or damage to the eyes caused due to the harmful flicker rate.

These devices provide optimal treatment times. The flicker rate of these devices is 40KHz. This means that these devices do not flicker at all.

All these devices have a 30-degree angle to ensure the right intensity and coverage at the same time.

In addition to this, Myatapa devices are less expensive. These devices are safe, efficient, and cost-effective.


Red light therapy is a powerful and permanent immunity booster; you must add it to your daily health care routine, and its use should not be stopped. This preventative red light can heal your injuries and build up your immunity in a  way much better than any other treatments or medications.

Your immunity is multiplied with each session of red light therapy that you take. You can find it in yoga centers, Pilates classes, spas, salons, etc.