Prevention With Red Light Is Better Than Cure Afterwards

As we all have heard, prevention is better than cure, Red Light performs, exactly in the same way. Beside healing injuries, red light also prevents them. With red light therapy, it is possible to prevent injuries before their occurrence. 

Red Light Therapy is a process where red low level wavelengths of light are passed through the skin to benefit the body. It does not has any possible side effects. It is safe and hence recommended by most of the senior doctors. 

Effects Of Red Light Therapy

Red Light therapy prevent various kinds of diseases by making the body strong and healthy.  Some of the most important effects of Red Light Therapy are-

Rejuvenates skin

Red light therapy nourishes the skin. It builds up collagen in the skin. This increases the elasticity of the skin. It also increases the production of fibroblast that in turn produces collagen and important tissues fibers. It also increases circulation between blood and tissue cells. In this way, red light therapy protects the skin cells from damage. Hence, prevent any injury to the skin keeping it rejuvenated and healthy.

Strengthens bones and muscles 

Red light Therapy has soothing effects on the muscles and bones. It strengthens them and prepares them to fight against them any possible injury.  It also prevents different musculoskeletal disorders which is generally founds in adults. 

Red light penetrates deep into the tissues. It improves bone functioning. Thereby preventing any future injuries. 

Boosts Immunity

Red light therapy builds up the immunity of an individual. It basically functions on the mitochondria which is known to be the powerhouse of the cells. This results in more energy production within the cell. Increased energy production assists the body to prevent various diseases. Thus, an individual stays healthier with red light therapy. 

Reduces Stress  

Red light therapy helps to relieve an individual of undue stress and burden. It enhances his mood. It increases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps regulate blood flow. This promotes better sleep. Better sleep helps to relax brain nerves and maintains a healthy weight. Obesity can be prevented with reduced stress.

Myatapa For Red Light Therapy

A good device works to optimise the effects of red light therapy. Myatapa brand deals with the efficient devices that are all you need for Red light therapy. Myatapa devices works with 100% efficiency, being cost effective simultaneously. 

Red light therapy prevents injuries with the help of two different types of wavelengths.

Red light (660nm) is a surface level that prevents skin injuries by stimulating collagen production. 

Near infrared light (850nm) penetrates deeper into the body and prevents other injuries such as inflammation, pain, etc. by boosting strength and immunity.

Myatapa devices offer high irradiance level. It provides optional power level for optimal treatment times. 

These devices have 3 watt LEDs. Which are not intense enough so as to damage your eyes. They do not require any extra thermal protection. They are cost effective and still put out enough power to be both effective and safe. 

Myatapa devices have a flicker rate of 40 KHz, i.e. no flicker at all. 

Myatapa devices have LEDs that come equipped with an optimal beam angle that ensure the right amount of coverage and intensity at the same time.


It is always advisable to keep your body healthy and strong in order to fight various diseases and prevent them.

 If you take Red light therapy on regular basis your body will be subjected to very less risk of injuries. This is because of better skin and immune health. Even if you come across any injuries such as cuts, wounds, burns, pains, fractures, sprains, strains, aches, etc. they would soon be healed due to the increased energy production within the cells. 

Moreover, red light therapy is natural and chemical free. So does not has any adverse impacts on the body. It is also safe and cost effective. Hence, is a must use therapy for prevention.