Red Light Therapy: The Best Natural Method for Treating Eczema.

My eczema and psoriasis are gone after a week of use of Red Light Therapy. I was dealing with it for over 5 years

- MyAtaPa Customer

Imagine getting an effective and painless treatment for Eczema without any possible side effects!

Red light therapy is that ‘all you need’ painless treatment for Eczema.

Eczema is a serious skin disorder that causes itchy red bumps on the skin. Countries like America and India experience more than 10 million Eczema cases per year. People everywhere try all sorts of costly treatments and medicines for treating it, only to end up causing immense damage to their skin and witness no improvement in Eczema.

However, you need not be worried anymore because all kinds of Eczema can easily be healed to a great extent with the help of red light therapy.

Causes of Eczema

To treat a disease, you need to be aware of the factors that cause it to check them and prevent the disease from spreading further. In addition to that, analyzing causes will also help you to avail the necessary medications and treatments.

It is caused due to various environmental pollutants such as dust particles. They make the skin dry and rough.

It can also be genetically transferred to the child whose mother or father has it. Such children are more likely to develop Eczema. Stress sometimes is found to aggravate the pain and worsen Eczema

Why Red Light Therapy for Eczema?

This is an effective and natural treatment not just for Eczema but any other skin disorder. The light that is given during the therapy has deep penetrating powers. It reduces inflammation. It does not harm the skin in any way but rejuvenates it.

Red light therapy works much better than other prescribed medicines and treatments. It heals the skin naturally. It reduces skin thickness, allergic cells, and dead cells in the skin. It is found effective in improving skin lesions in people with Eczema.

Till now, many researchers have conducted studies to analyse the effectiveness of the therapy on Eczema. All this research proved it a much better choice for Eczema due to its instant healing results.

How Does Red Light Therapy Works On Eczema?

During the process of red light therapy, a person is exposed to low-level wavelengths of red light. The cells underneath the skin absorb it and use it for energy production—red light therapy functions on the mitochondria known to be the powerhouse of cells. There is more energy production within the cell due to this light. It ultimately results in rejuvenating the cells, reducing inflammation. Red light therapy hence speeds up the process of healing.

Red light therapy also relaxes brain nerves and soothes them. It calms down the strained nerves that cause stress. Red light therapy reduces stress which at some point can worsen Eczema. During non-red light Eczema treatment, people are given immunosuppressive drugs. These immunosuppressive drugs have adverse impacts on the immunity of the person affecting his/her immune health. Red light therapy provides relief by boosting the immunity of an individual. Therefore the therapy works on Eczema by reducing inflammation, handling stress, and building up the immunity in an individual. 

Myatapa Red Light Therapy Products


Myatapa offers a wide range of red light therapy devices of high quality and cost-effectiveness. The specialized features of Myatapa red light products help in healing Eczema much faster. Myatapa red light LED’s have both red light and infrared to heal the skin. Red light has a wavelength of 660nm. It is surface level and improves skin health. Infrared light has a wavelength of 850nm. It penetrates deep into the skin and reduces itching and inflammation in the epidermis's sore parts, bringing immense relief. The LED’s that Myatapa uses require no extra thermal protection. They are safe for the eyes. They are cost-effective and safe simultaneously. They offer a higher irradiance level at 12 inches, and the flicker rate is 40 kHz, which indicates that they are flicker-free. These devices provide the right amount of coverage and intensity at the same time. Eczema generally occurs in some dry parts of the body and not in the entire body. Some people prefer that only their affected area is exposed to red light. Myatapa fulfills this need by providing devices in various shapes and sizes according to the customer's convenience. It has full-body light therapy devices and also targeted therapy devices.


Red light therapy is a promising treatment for Eczema with hardly any side effects. You can heal your Eczema using Myatapa red light products at a low operational cost and also for a speedy recovery.

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