About My ATaPa.ATaPa started in a physical therapy office by two individuals, Maria and Alan. They saw amazing results from using infrared light therapy devices which they were seeing their PT for regularly.. Being absolutely amazed by the results, they looked around to find Red Light Therapy devices for sale online.. The truth of it was, the price range of some of these full body R.L.T devices were astronomical, and not realistic for everyone interested. Not only that, but they also found out that most of these devices that you can find online aren't powerful enough and cover too small of an area to be effective. After doing some research, they later found out these devices were also exponentially marked up, given the low cost of what it takes to manufacture them. They set out on a mission to find a way to make sure everyone had a chance at obtaining a high quality Red Light Therapy device for a good price, and ATaPa is the result. ATaPa is also one of the only companies providing Red Light Therapy devices that deliver medical grade power with full body coverage.Now, ATaPa is helping make the world a brighter place with its Red Light Therapy devices. Making them more affordable than ever, ATaPa wants everyone to be able to receive all the benefits included with Red Light Therapy without the stress. 

             What is in a name?In coming up with a name for which to operate under, we considered many different options but wanted one that would stick with people. We wanted it to be related to sunlight in some way and looked at many different names for the sun, light, or sunshine that have been spoken throughout time. There was one that stood out amongst others, and it was ATaPa. ATaPa means sunlight in Sanskrit, but it also contains the letters ATP, which is exactly what sunshine helps create within our cells. Consider ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to be something like energy currency for which help power our biological processes. This was the perfect fit to help people understand the importance of sunshine and its relationship to ATP, which is exactly what our Red Light Therapy devices help create; more ATP.